$CROBABY - The 1st & Only Token on CRONOS with Automatic USDC 💵 Rewards (13%!! Netto!) and its own Unique & Exclusive NFT Collection with Extra Rewards, Airdrops, Prizes, Community Perks and “Play 2 Earn” Game!


Redistribution in USDC with Auto Liquidity Pool

Comprehensive Marketing Plan with BuyBacks & Burns

NFT Rewards, NFT Staking & More!

CRO BABY has its own Exclusive NFT Collection (ASLAN)

with NFT STAKING (~220.50% APR paid in CRO, immediate rewards per each second counts!) and it´s own GAME: ASLAN in CRONOS LAND

Trade on Marketplace soon, too.

Mint Here Exclusively from  500 367.5 CRO ONLY (included all minter & creator* fees) NOW!


Besides being a FANTASTIC NFT COLLECTION and keys for CRONOS LAND GAME, HOLDERS of ASLAN NFTs will be rewarded by $CROBABY, L´ile / $ISLAND and L´USD!

* First minters would be getting 5% for all re-sales!!


* 0.00002481 CRO per NFT per Second, anytime unstake / stake, per second direct Rewards on Blockchain

That is 0.0014886 CRO per every minute, 0.089316 CRO per every hour and 2.143584 CRO per each day and per each of your NFT(s) staked.

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There is a 1% arranged for Donations Fund *
Aim of this fund is to donate (and also do these):

Aim of this fund is to donate (and also do these):

St.Anna Kinderspital (Saint Anna Children’s Hospital) at least 10,000 Euro (~11,500 USD) – www.stanna.at

To donate at least 10,000 USD to Doctors without Borders – www.doctorswithoutborders.org

Adopt a Koala – 11 Koalas constitutes a Team (for at least 3 Years each): Australian Koala Foundation – www.savethekoala.com (~12,500 USD)

To plant at least 10,000 Trees (~10,000 USD): www.onetreeplanted.org

To Donate at least 10,000 USD to Coral Reef Alliance: www.coral.org/en/

To Donate at least 5,000 USD to Rainforest Action Network: www.ran.org

To Donate at least 2000 GBP (~2500 USD) to Sumatran Orangutan Society: www.orangutans-sos.org

To Donate at least 2,500 USD to Musicians without Borders: www.musicianswithoutborders.org

To Donate at least 2,500 USD to Animal Right Federation (HAYTAP – Turkey) www.haytap.org

* Also for Buybacks, NFT Rewards, Development & Marketing


Team & Project Development - DONE!
Website - Launch & Reach - DONE!
Mint of ASLAN NFT Collection - CURRENT!
Social Media Goals - REACHING!
Listing on Mad Meerkat Finance - DONE!
Listing on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko - SOON!
Announcement of New Cooperations & Partnerships - INCOMING!
Huge Marketing Campaign with Influencers - NEXT
Distribution of Rewards in $CROBABY - INCOMING
Community Surprises - SOON!
Distribution of Rewards in L´ile / $ISLAND - SOON
Distribution of Rewards in Ethereum - IN PLANNING
ASLAN Game Beta Open for ASLAN NFT Owners - SOON
More Marketing. More Rewards .More Donations - COMING!


Launched on the CRONOS Chain, CRO BABY ($CROBABY / CRO BABY TOKEN) is the first USDC reflection token with its own NFT Collection (ASLAN) offering staking and other utilities with reward functions brought to market that rewards passive income to investors in a profitable, unique, attractive and fun way. You can buy / sell $CROBABY on MM.FINANCE (don´t forget to set your slippage at least 24% otherwise you may see an "output error") and / or you can Mint / Stake your ASLAN NFTs here on our site www.cro.baby/mint

Your Rewards are daily calculated and accumulated by contract. They are then sent to you when there is enough to justify the transaction fees. When the volume is high, and the transaction fees can be justified, you will receive Rewards every 60 minutes. It is not considered valuable dispensing low value Rewards to holders every hour when the volume is low. Again, without doing anything from your side all your rewards are always accumulated.

You just buy $CROBABY TOKEN and do not sell it (hold it!) meaning your rewards in USDC will be sent to you automatically without any action needed from investors / buyers / holders.

You need to buy a minimum of 6,500,000 CRO BABY tokens  (~50 USD ) to start receiving USDC rewards.

ASLAN NFTs are a 10,000 Piece NFT Collection with extra special features like Staking, earning, donation niches and other kind of rewards. You can mint your ASLAN NFT(s) on www.cro.baby/stake and also there you can see and stake it (them). Each ASLAN NFT is paying currently (earning real time, over it´s original price, 350 CRO per NFT) when staking ~220.50% APR to be paid in CRO).

Here on www.cro.baby ONLY and on our /stake part on www.cro.baby/stake

No. They are two separate things (though they support each other and having both in surmountable amounts is an excellent idea, it is NOT mandatory). When you have CRO BABY you will be receive USDC Rewards. Having ASLAN NFTs on the other hand rewards you with an array of amazing  rewards and various other special features of ASLAN NFTs (like earning ~220.50% APR in CRO as a beginning and immediately you can mint and stake your NFTs!).

Immediately now as long as limited and exclusive collection stocks are enough for all of us we can mint them: www.cro.baby/stake and immediately stake there to start earning in CRO.

CRO BABY ($CROBABY, CRO BABY TOKEN) is a CRONOS Reward Token on CRONOS BLOCKCHAIN which sends automatic rewards to its holders in USDC. ASLAN is CRO BABY´s NFT Collection on, again, CRONOS Chain. ASLAN NFT Owners receive privileges aswell as CRO BABY ($CROBABY) REWARDS along with L´ile Token ($ISLAND) airdrops and much more. ASLAN NFTs are also the keys in playing ASLAN IN CRONOS LAND (www.cronos.land)

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 CROBABY / $CROBABY

You can directly and immediately buy and or sell on MM.FINANCE

Don´t forget to set your slippage to at least 24% for a smooth transaction.

Slippage is a price range percentage.  Due to the often-high volatility of the crypto market, when you place an order for a token, the price between the time you hit Swap and the time that the exchange tries to execute your order, the price may change.

Setting a slippage rate just means that you are willing to pay a certain percentage over or under the price you were expecting to buy at.

For example, if you set slippage at 10%, the exchange will execute your order at 10% either side of the current price. Your purchase depends on there being a seller who is willing to sell a token at the price you want to buy it at, as well as liquidity. 

Remember, just because you set the slippage at 10%, it doesn’t mean the price you buy will be 10% higher or lower- it just means that the purchase can go through within a 10% price variation.

We recommend Metamask: https://metamask.io/

As it´s the most common and well-known one. Here´s their help / FAQ page: https://metamask.io/faqs/

For using it on CRONOS CHAIN you need to set it up for it:


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Token Contract Address for verification:
(Do not send CRO to the token address!)


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